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Welcome to Fantasy NCS

Fantasy NCS is the just for fun Notts County Stats fantasy football game.

Totally free to play just complete the entry form below to join in the fun!

Team Name

This will be the team name displayed to identify you in published results and league tables.


Lets keep it simple!

  1. From the full squad of Notts County players for the coming season you must select 5 players for each game. 

  2. Player selections must be entered no later than 2 hours before kick off.

  3. You must select at least one player from each position (DEF | MID | FWD) as listed. Goalkeepers are listed in the DEF category. You don't have to select a GK but if you do they could earn you extra points.

  4. If any of your chosen players do not play then no points will be awarded for these players.

  5. You can select one player to be your Captain. Your captain will be awarded double points for each game.

  6. You can make as many changes to your players for each game provided they are submitted no later than the cut off time noted in rule #2 above.

  7. All entries and team changes must be submitted using the entry form below.

  8. Points will be awarded according to the match statistics deemed correct by Notts County Stats.

  9. Finally, please remember you must select no more than 5 players. If your entry consists of more selected players than the 5 allowed it will be deemed null and void for the associated game.


Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Plays up to 60 minutes = 1 point

  • Plays 60+ minutes = 2 points

  • Goal by GK = 10 points

  • Goal by DEF = 7 points

  • Goal by MID = 5 points

  • Goal by FWD = 4 points

  • Assist = 3 points

  • Clean sheet GK = 7 points

  • Clean sheet DEF = 5 points

  • Clean sheet MID = 4 points

  • Clean sheet FWD = 3 points

  • Penalty save = 6 points

  • Penalty miss = -3 points

  • Every 2 goals conceded GK/DEF = -2 points

  • Yellow card = -2 points

  • Second yellow card = -3 points

  • Red card = -5 points

  • Own goal = -2 points

Let's Play Fantasy NCS

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