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Players 2020/21

Player stats for the 2020/21 season

Goals Conceded Scatter

A quick note about awarding assists. The stats on this site use the final pass method of awarding assists. This means an assist will be awarded to a player that has the last touch prior to a team mate scoring provided there is no opposition intervention between the final pass/touch and the scoring of the goal.

For the sake of simplicity multiple assists are not awarded, just the final pass/touch.

Additionally we do not award an assist to a player that is tackled/fouled resulting in a penalty.

An assist will be awarded if a goal is scored after a previous shot has been saved or blocked provided the goal scorer received the ball without any intervention from an opposition player following the save/block. For example Player A shoots, Player B saves or blocks the shot but the ball stays in open play allowing player C to score.

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