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Match 15 - Hartlepool United (h)

Notts County - 0

Hartlepool United - 1

Armstrong (19')

Notts Line Up (4-2-3-1)

Sam Slocombe

Dion Kelly-Evans

Richard Brindley

Ben Turner (RC 82')

Connell Rawlinson

Michael Doyle (C)

Jake Reeves

Tom Walker (Elisha Sam 65')

Ruben Rodrigues (Jimmy Knowles 74')

Enzio Boldewijn

Kyle Wootton

Substitutes not used:

Adam Chicksen

Alex Lacey

Jim O'Brien

Key match stats:

Player stats updated. You can use the search function to see individual players or sort by column.

Goal contribution table updated.

Goal participation by minute detailing player goal contribution efficiency.

Points needed and Notts remain on 23 points with a PPG of 1.643 which would mean a season total of just over 72 points which should secure a top 7 finish.

Results tracker updated:

League progress and a drop to 5th place.

Goal time segments:

xG data up next and Notts had a sustained effort for 5 mins after half time where they created an xG of 0.81 but couldn't find the equaliser.

xG for the game and how it converts to win% and xPTS. Clearly shows how this was a game of two halves and a draw would have been the most likely outcome.

I've decided to bring back the points gained per game segment chart. I've split the season into segments of 6 games which would then corrolate with recent form to show points gained and PPG for each 6 game segment. As we have played 14 games there are still 4 more games to add to the third segment in the chart which currently only shows points for 2 games.

Player ratings updated:

Neal Ardley's record updated:

No game now until Eastleigh away on 9th January.

2nd January will be our 1st Birthday so the break in games gives me the chance to put together a bit of an annual review special.

Happy New Year!



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