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Match 17 - Torquay United (h)

Notts County - 0

Torquay Utd - 0

Notts Line Up (4-4-2)

Sam Slocombe

Richard Brindley (Calvin Miller 87')

Alex Lacey

Connell Rawlinson

Dion Kelly-Evans

Jake Reeves

Michael Doyle (C)

Enzio Boldewijn (Jim O'Brien 76')

Kyle Wootton (YC)

Ruben Rodrigues

Inih Effiong (Elisha Sam 62')

Substitutes not used:

Jimmy Knowles

Matty Wolfe

Finally back to some league action again and another home game this time runaway leaders Torquay Utd the visitors.

An evenly matched contest with few opportunities and a draw probably a fair result. Rather than waffling on about the match I'll be looking closer at how we can use stats and ratings to monitor and analyse player and team performance, but let's start with a look at the key match stats and league progress.

Key match stats:

match statistics stockport county vs notts county

Progress updated and the stop start season appears to see Notts stuttering a little and a drop down to 8th place with an average position for the season so far of 7th place. Compared to last season Notts are now in a similar position after the same number of games.

Results tracker updated.

Points needed and with the PPG dropping to 1.600 we see a projected total of just over 70 points which would still see a top 7 finish based on our targets compared to previous seasons.

League segment chart updated. Grey bar shows total points available for that segment. Green bar shows total points gained and yellow bar the PPG for that segment.

Another little visualisation I've been working on is how many points would have been gained or lost if matches finished at a certain time. I have split the time into 15 minute spells.

From the above chart you can clearly see that Notts are generally on top in games during the middle segment but appear to be vulnerable between 60 and 75 minutes. Additionally there is a clear difference in points gained between home and away matches.

Onto player stats now and remember you can use the search function to see individual players or sort by column.

I've decided to dump the separate player rating table for the time being as all of that info is in the table below. You will notice I have now added an extra column 'Rating/Min'. I've done this because the more minutes played the more rating points a player will acummulate which then means players with less minutes suffer. By making a couple of tweaks to the formula we get a rating per minute which allows us to drill down a bit deeper into a player's actual contribution for actual minutes played.

So for example Jimmy Knowles has only played 338 minutes so far but his contribution during those minutes has been very high so tops the rating by minute table by some way.

We have to be mindful though that this is a numerical calculation and can in no way be a 100% indication of player's performance as we can't quantify physical attributes during a game, however it is close enough for us to get a snapshot of a players overall contribution.

An example of this would be Alex Lacey who sits at the lower end of the ratings per minute table. We all know what he is capable of but would also agree that due to injury/match fitness he has had a slow start this season and his ratings would confirm this. That said yesterday's game was the first glimpse of the form we were accustomed to seeing from him last season and we would hope to see him continue in the same vein and start to climb his way back up the ratings table.

A starting debut for Inih Effiong sees him as the 24th player to make an appearance for Notts so far this season. Jake Reeves has now played the most minutes in all comps this season.

Minutes played 20/21 all competitions Notts County Match 16

Goal contribution table updated and with no goals scored minutes per contribution increases for everyone. With a lack of goals an obvious issue at the moment it's interesting to see the two most efficient goal contributors so far are Knowles and Roberts, unfortunately one of them has been bench warming and the other missing out due to injury.

Goal participation by minute detailing player goal contribution efficiency.

No additions to the goal scatter chart.

Finally Neal Ardley's record updated.

I'm mwaiting for the xG data to come through but i don't expect it to provide many talking points so I'll include this in the Solihull preview which will follow shortly.

As always thanks for reading and don't forget you can find all these stats and more on the website.