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Match 18 - Chesterfield (A)

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Chesterfield 1 - 0 Notts County

'27 Nepomuceno

Key match statistics:

Chesterfield manage to bring the Notts unbeaten run of 6 games to an end despite Notts having 64% of the possession, three times more shots on goal and over double the number of corners.

League position:

The defeat sees Notts drop from 5th to 8th position, however the season average trendline still remains on an upward trajectory.

Points needed:

A top 3 target of 85 points has now been added to the chart. Current points total is 27 after 18 games giving a PPG of 1.5 for the season so far.

Top 7 target at this stage is 29.34 points so currently falling just shy of this target, however the actual points needed could be +/- a few points come the end of the season.

At 1.5 PPG we are predicted to finish on 69 points which would most probably see a finish just outside of the top 7 play off spots.

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