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Match 21 - Dagenham & Redbridge (h)

As Notts fans we probably know more than any other football fan what it's like to experience dispair, disappointment and disenchantment, but every now and then the footballing gods conspire to offset the disillusionment just enough to remind us why we love the game and continue to support our club through the tough times, and let's be right, we've had our fair share.

Yesterday provided us with one of those rare and unbelievable nights of football that reaffirmed our ongoing belief and faith so let's enjoy the moment while it lasts. My only regret is that due to work commitments I was unable to witness that first 45 minutes of madness but to be honest I would miss it all over again if it meant a repeat performance.

Notts County - 3

Wootton 10', 45'+2

Rodrigues 34'

Dagenham & Redbridge - 1

Robinson 90'+1

Notts Line Up (4-4-2)

Sam Slocombe (RC)

Dion Kelly-Evans

Alex Lacey

Connell Rawlinson

Jordan Barnett

Jake Reeves

Michael Doyle (C)

Ruben Rodrigues

Enzio Boldewijn

Kyle Wootton

Jimmy Knowles (Inih Effiong 76')

Substitutes not used:

Ben Turner

Richard Brindley

Jim O'Brien

Elisha Sam

Jimmy Knowles got a well deserved if not unexpected start and by all accounts didn't disappoint.

Despite the loss of Sam Slocombe on 18 minutes Neal Ardley should be applauded for his decision to maintain an attacking threat and continue to take the game to Dagenham.

Key match stats:

Progress updated and the 3 points sees Notts hold onto 5th place but now just 11 points behind league leaders Torquay with 4 games in hand.

Results tracker updated:

Points needed and another 3 points raises the PPG to 1.833 which would see a return of just over 80 points for 44 games meaning a challenge for the league title would not be out of the question based on previous seasons.

League segment chart updated. Grey bar shows total points available for that segment. Green bar shows total points gained and yellow bar the PPG for that segment.

What is really pleasing about the chart below is it clearly shows improvement as the season progresses. Just 1.500 PPG for the first 6 games compared to 2.170 PPG for the last 6 games is a big jump in the right direction.

Points by time segment. How many points would have been accummulated if games had finished at 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 minutes.

Onto player stats now and remember you can use the search function to see individual players or click on a column heading to sort highest to lowest etc.

Minutes played 20/21 all competitions Notts County Match 16

Goal contribution table updated.

Goal participation by minute detailing player goal contribution efficiency.

At last Ruben shows us what he CAN do when he decides to put his laces through the ball!

Goals by time segment updated:

Neal Ardley's record updated:

Up next it's a trip to Hollywood . . . sorry, I mean North Wales and Wrexham's first game under their new soccer loving owners.

I'll include the xG/xPTS for the Dagenham game in the Wrexham preview.

As always thanks for reading and fingers crossed the recent good form continues.



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