Match 30 - Dover Athletic (h)

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Notts County 0 - 0 Dover Athletic

Dover came with a game plan and for all of the possession enjoyed by Notts the Dover players fulfilled their roles efficiently, it was pretty horrible to be fair.

Anyway onto the stats and Dover didn't have a single 'shot' on target, other than a misplaced free kick that Slocombe had to see safely over the bar.

Plenty of possession for Notts but wasteful in front of goal as we've been averaging a goal every 7 shots at home.

We are still on target for a top 7 finish but it's very tight. Based on current PPG of 1.57 we are predicted to finish on just over 72 points. 7th place is currently predicted at 70 points and just under 80 points for 3rd. If Barrow keep up their ridiculous form they will be well into the 90's and currently predicted 92 pts for first place.