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Match 48 - Bromley (a)

A defeat away at the Ravens but 5th place still secured and in some illogical dark place in the depths of my mind I justify it was the best thing to happen because had we won we would have had to go on our longest winning streak for quite some time. As it happens we now just have to go three games unbeaten . . . easy!

Key match stats:

Final points needed table of the season, posted just to show progress compared to targets.

Progress updated and we finished up pretty much where we had averaged all season.

Final six game segment of the season and 13 points sees a repeat of games 13-18 and a PPG of 2.167

Points by match times updated showing how many points Notts would have if games finished at certain times. Can of shows that points have been lost for Notts where they haven't made the most of good starts in games.

Player stats updated.

Goals and assists table updated. Interactive version available on the website.

Goal scatter chart.

xG data for the Bromley game and another head scratching case of how on earth did we lose that?

Player xG ratings and just the 19 goal attempts to digest. Unfortunately a case of not being able to convert chances coming back to haunt us.

Ian Burchnall's record updated after 17 games

So we look ahead to a home tie eliminator against Chesterfield in the play off's. I'll be doing a separate preview for that game and hopefully for the other two as well . . .

In the meantime please do take the opportunity to catch up with Analysts Bar Podcast on YouTube. Episode #3 now up and myself and Colin take a closer look at the evolution of the target man, catch it here . . .

As always thanks for reading.



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