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Match 50 - Torquay Utd (a) | National League Play Off Semi-Final

So there we have it. A total of 50 games played in a season that will go down in the annuls of football history for the impact invoked by a Covid induced pandemic.

Unfortunately for Notts it was a case of too little too late and whilst I still have the highest regard for Neal Ardley you have to wonder what could have been if that managerial change had happened a little sooner in the season.

As for the game at Torquay it was the same old story, plenty created, chances not taken and an inability to defend a cross or set piece.

Onto the stats for the final game of the season.

Key match stats based on 90 minutes. xG data will include extra time.

xG below and despite the loss of two goals in extra time and not including the penalty Notts had the bigger chances during that period.

Player xG below and Kyle Wootton with two big chances in extra time. At 0.10 Adam Chicksen did well to score.

xG, xPTS and win% stats below. After 90 minutes Notts had done well to stay in the game and really had the better of it in extra time, unfortunately Asa Hall made good use of some poor defending (again) from a corner before the ref gifted Torquay the penalty that really put the game out of reach for Notts.

Final player stats for the season.

Final goals & assists below for all competitions. Kyle Wootton is top scorer for the second season running with Ruben Rodrigues coming in second with a late charge. Rodrigues also recorded the highest number of assists (10).

Goal scatter chart for the season. Use the drop down menu to select goals by player.

Ian Burchnall's record updated after 19 games

For the 16 National League games in charge Ian Burchnall secured 24 points and a 43.75% win percentage.

For the 27 games Neal Ardley was in charge (inc Dover), he recorded 46 points and a 48.15% win percentage. If Ardley had remained in charge and saw out the season at the same PPG Notts would have posted 3 points more, however this would still have resulted in a 5th place finish.

So that wraps up the final match report of what has been a quite unusual season. I'll be back again soon with a season review and also a close look at player rankings for the season.

In the meantime please keep an eye out for myself and Colin and the Analysts Bar podcast.

As always thanks for reading.



Cover pic: @DanWestwell

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