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Stats Report | Match 11 - Yeovil Town (a)


What a difference it makes having a leader back on the pitch. That said Yeovil didn't exactly put up much of a fight.

Key match stats.

Back to seeing the kind of match stats we were accustomed to before the 3 defeats. Interesting to see that despite their lack of overall threat throughout the game Yeovil played with a higher tempo and managed to get more crosses in than Notts although the impact was negligible.

Points needed updated and the win sees Notts creeping back towards a predicted top 7 place. Click on the legend tags at the top to filter options.

Progress updated. Up a place to 9th.

Results tracker updated.

Interestingly our +5 goal difference comes entirely from away games, GD for home games so far is zero.

Goal segment chart updated.

Six game segments updated. 1.200 PPG from 5 games in this segment.

Player stats next and this is the new table that is also available to view on the player stats page of the website here.

With Kyle Wootton being subbed late on at Yeovil Matty Palmer now becomes the only player to have played every minute for Notts so far this season.

Goals and assists chart updated. Rodrigues pushing ahead.

Goal scatter chart.

Expected goals for the Yeovil game.

If anything is going to identify the lack of attacking threat Yeovil offered, the above xG visual will! Other than a 0.02 opportunity in the 11th minute from Blu Lo-Everton the Glovers didn't have a single notable attempt on goal until stoppage time at the end of the match where young Keeper Anthony Patterson was finally called upon.

Notts' player xG for the Yeovil game below. Worth giving Rodrigues some credit for the first goal for the work he put into making it a higher xG than it would have been had he tried to hit it from further out. It's an indication of how goals are more likely to be scored when players are able to attack the areas that make scoring easier.

Worth noting again that Rodrigues had 4 of the 10 attempts at goal with a total xG of 0.61 which accounts for more than half the xG accumulated for Notts during the game.

Match xG and xPTS updated below and Notts good value for the win.

National League top scorers updated.

Ian Burchnall's record updated after 30 matches.

Next up the proverbial FA Cup banana skin in the form of Tamworth away on Saturday. Preview to follow later this week.

As always thanks for reading and as mentioned earlier if anyone has any questions relating to the stats please feel free to get in touch.

Until next time.



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