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Stats Report | Match 13 - Tamworth FC (h)

FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round [Replay]

Notts County 4 - 0 Tamworth FC

Attendance: 2,594


A good night for Kairo Mitchell as he finally gets his first goals of the 20/21 season and an impressive first start for midfielder Frank Vincent who firmly grasped his opportunity with both hands and a nice looking left foot!

Unfortunately no detailed stats available but the truncated version below still provides a very clear picture of just how dominant the performance from Notts was and begs the question why didn't they do that on Saturday.

Goals and assists chart updated. Mitchell (2), Wootton and Vincent all on the mark with assists for Kelly-Evans (2) and Francis (2).

If you took a risk and decided to throw Mitchell and Vincent into your fantasy team well done!!

Goal scatter chart updated and a nice mix of goals from last night see's the plotted goal scoring areas start to look a little more varied.

Player stats [FA Cup] below. No xG data for this game but will most likely be available from Round 1 proper.

I've now added cup games to the National League top scorers table. This will now represent every goal and indeed own goals scored by National League players this season.

Ian Burchnall's record updated after 32 matches.

Back to the league on Saturday and a big game at Meadow Lane where promotion candidates Stockport County are the visitors.

A comprehensive preview to follow including an opposition scouting report from yours truly!

As always thanks for reading.



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