Stats Report | Match 9 - Woking (h)


No point going over old ground on this one, however, not capitalising on early chances, only playing for 70 minutes, failing to defend set pieces, I won't go on. All the stats below . . .

Key match stats.

Again, completely on top on the construction stats . . .

Points needed updated and the first time this season Notts' PPG predicts a finish outside the top 7 . . . just. Click on the legend tags at the top to filter options.

Progress updated and a drop of one place to 7th.

Results tracker updated.

Goal segment chart updated and Notts finally manage to score inside the first 30 mins, but only just, not that it had the desired affect on the final result!

Six game segments updated. With 3 of the 6 games played in this segment the best Notts can do is match segment 1 with 12 points.

Player stats next and this is the new table that is also available to view on the player stats page of the website here.

Goals and assists chart.

Goal scatter chart.

Expected goals and even with all the possession Woking finish on top, even in the xPTS calculation.

The really concerning thing about the above is that other than a less than half chance early on Notts didn't carve out a genuine goal scoring opportunity until the goal on 29 minutes. Additionally there was a period of over 30 minutes in the second half where Notts failed to create a single attempt on goal. Unfortunately by the time that happened Woking had already scored 3 goals in 3 attempts in one 8 minute spell.

Player xG below. The biggest chance of the game for Notts came in the 95th minute and the header from Dion Kelly-Evans. To be fair if that had been Wootton or Lacey the xG score would have been a little higher.

National League top scorers updated and another two goal game for Tahvon Campbell means he jumps up to second in the table with 8 non-penalty goals.

Ian Burchnall's record updated after 28 matches.

A difficult couple of away games coming up starting with a trip to Halifax on Tuesday night (weather permitting). Preview up soon.

There's nothing I hate more than reading about Notts after a defeat so many thanks to those of you who have been brave enough to take the plunge and give this a read, I know it wouldn't have been easy!

Until next time.



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