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NCS Prediction League 2022-23

Totally free to play just complete the entry form below to join in the fun!

Team Name

This will be the team name displayed to identify you in published results and league tables.


It really is very simple!

  1. Complete and submit the form below before the team is announced for the game selected.

  2. No entries will be counted if submitted after the team has been announced.

  3. All fields must be completed.

  4. Only one team name can be created per email address.

  5. Want to change your mind? No problem, your last entry before the team is announced is the entry that will be used.

  6. Prizes (TBC) will be given for most points scored during a specific time frame or number of games. The prize and number of games will be announced in advance.


Points will be awarded as follows:

  • Any entry = 1 point

  • Correct score = 5 points

  • Correct full time result but wrong score = 3 points

  • Correct half time score = 3 points

  • Correct first goal scorer for Notts = 3 points (If zero goals have been predicted then select "No scorer")

  • Mystic Mag Bonus! = 5 points - Awarded to anyone who predicts correct full time score, half time score and first Notts goal scorer.

  • The maximum points that can be scored in one game is 20. Entry (1) + Correct score (5) + Correct result (3) + Correct HT score (3) + Correct first goal scorer (3) + Mystic Meg bonus (5) = 20.

Let's Make Those Predictions!

All fields will need completing


Your entry has been submitted!

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